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Boat Shipping Tips

If a person wants to transport his/her boat from one place to another, then boat shipping is used. Many boat companies can take your vessel straight out of the water and into a larger ship. They deliver your vessel to any shore in the world and make the process of transportation easy and safe.

For this process, special enclosed containers are used. The main factor that determines whether a container will be used is the size of the boat. This gives your boat more security as it travels the seas inside the larger vessel.

Speed boats, yachts and even full-sized luxury vessels can be transported. This business spans the world between the United States and Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa.

tipsThe options can be limited by the size of the boat, port locations, timing, and budget. Shipping companies will give you every option available to you and help you make the best choice for your particular requirements. Rates are based on the dimensions that you provide. The boats are measured at the port. There will be extra charges if the boat is larger that the dimensions provided.

A Bill of Lading is issued, on average, about halfway through the sailing. You will be provided with the agents in the destination country that will help you with the customs and release information. But you also may choose to use your own agent if you wish.

Some services are required to do before shipping. You can do it by yourself or do this with the help of the agent. You have to pay attention to: cradles, tower removal, shrink wrap, bridge removal, winterization, arch removal, captain service.

On pick up the driver will inspect just the exterior of your boat. And the condition of your boat will be recorded on a CARGO CONDITION REPORT that will be signed by you or your agent. But a further inspection will be carried out upon delivery of your boat. All the findings will be written down on the cargo condition report and signed. You have to note any damage on the same report upon delivery.