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Boat Shipping Options

A lot of boats are shipped from the USA to countries in Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. But shipping a boat from one country to another may involve some challenges.
The following are 4 main options for international boat shipping from the USA to countries of all over the world.

shipping-optionsShipping boats overseas in Ocean Containers
If you have small boat, then this option is for you. The inside width of the ocean container is 92 inches. And usually boats up to 21′ in length are suitable for international container shipping (depending on the model and manufacturer). If you think that the width of the boat's trailer will be a problem, don't consider this. This is because the wheels and fenders can be removed. It's a good idea to let a professional export packing warehouse to handle the loading and securing of the boat inside the shipping container.

Shipping boats overseas on the Flat Rack Containers
You may choose a flat rack container. This is a type of ocean container with the side walls and roof removed so it provides more space to fit larger boats. Nevertheless, in the past few years the equipment shortage has been an issue plus not many ocean vessel operators are willing to accept oversized cargo on flat racks due to space availability on their container ships.

Shipping boats overseas on Roll-on Roll-off vessels
Roll-on Roll-off (RO/RO) vessels are multi-level swimming "parking garages." They are specifically designed to carry all kinds of vehicles and rolling stock. It is very easy to load and off-load a boat onto the roll-on roll-off vessel for overseas boat transport if the boat sits on its own trailer. It is required to build a cradle for those boats that do not have a trailer. This is needed for safe travel to an international destination.

Lift-on Lift-off
There is one more method. And this is the method that is called Lift-on Lift-off. If you have very large boat or yacht, then this option is right for you. A crane lift the cargo onto the vessel floor and then the cargo is secured by the ship or port crew. Roll-on roll-off shipping allows all cargo to sit INSIDE the ship. The cargo will be exposed to the weather with lift-on lift-off service. This type of international boat shipping is the most expensive. It is only used for very large and expensive boats that cannot be shipped any other way.