Preparing Your Boat for Transport

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Preparing Your Boat for Transport

preparing-boatIt is very crucial to prepare your boat before transporting. As the level of preparedness determines the condition it will be in when it arrives at its destination. To protect your boat during transportation process, you need to examine it and identify any preexisting damage. Be sure, it will save you from having to answer to complaints on the other end when the boat arrives.

Prepare the boat yourself, or have a qualified boat yard do so. Moreover, the boat should be inspected by a licensed marine surveyor. It is important to prepare your boat before the transporter arrives, that's why, you need to give yourself plenty of time for this. 

You should pick a marina or boatyard as a loading spot that has a 14' clearance, so that branches and wires will not interfere with your boat at the beginning of its trip. But if you can't choose a marina or boatyard for your drop-off point, then you can ask your service provider if they can refer you to one in the destination area.

It is advisable to take pictures of your boat before dismantling anything on it. This will help you in reassembling the boat after the transport. You have also to remove all personal items from your boat. And don't forget to clean and inspect your boat's exterior for any damages. Try to make a list of any problems found and take photos and date these if possible.

Boat Transport Preparation Basics
1) Secure and stow all loose gear. Don't forget to lock the cabin.

2) Boats should be shipped with minimal fuel and water in tanks. So, remove any drain plug from hull. And remember that there should not be any water in bilge while it is being transported. During winter months, water should be drained from water system, pumps, air conditioners, etc. and you should winterize your boat.

3) Batteries should be disconnected and secured.

4) Remove anchors from the deck.

Boat Transport Canvas Preparation
Remove all canvas, as it can tear or fly off in transit.

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