Preparing Your Boat for Transport

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Preparing Your Boat for Transport

Boat Transport Cradles and Trailers
Having a cradle for your boat, you have to inspect it carefully.

preparing-boatBoat Transport of Dinghy
1) Shipping a dinghy on board, or having any superstructure, remember, that these items should be well padded.

2) The dinghy mustn't be left on davits.

Boat Transporting of External Accessories
Remove, pack and secure all electronics, radar, hailers, horn, antennas, lifeline, stanchions, propellers, flag masts, lights, windshield, etc.

Boat Transport Preparation of Hatches
Hatches must be tied and/or taped from the outside. If the hatches or decks leak, then seal them.

Boat Transport Preparation of Windows, Windshields, Weatherboards and Windscreens
1) Hatch and tape cabin windows from the outside. Furthermore, any canvas or fiberglass weatherboards or windscreens must be removed.

2) Everything that protrudes over the flying bridge should be removed, packed with a cargo blanket and should be well secured.

Shrink Wrapping
Shrink wrap provides a tight smooth form fitting, heat sealed surface secured around the boat which will prevent water from pooling and protect your boats gel-coat finish from chafing that occurs from boats covered by canvas. However, shrink wrap is not always advised, because it easily rips during travel and can cause damage to your boat. In any case transporters will attempt to fix any tears during travel, however they cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by shrink wrap, or any other coverings.

You can also coat your boat with linseed oil to avoid having a wooden boat dry out during transport. Remember, that your boat should be protected completely and you have to think over all the details to make the process of shipping safe.

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