How to Measure Your Boat

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How to Measure Your Boat

Before transporting your boat, many details should be considered. Only when you are agreed upon the details of the shipment then you are ready to go. The shipping provider will be at the pickup location at the arranged time and will complete any paperwork checklist and someone at the pickup location will sign off on the paperwork. If the boat is ready, the shipping provider will secure the boat on their trailer or prearranged shipment details and will be in transit to the destination.

measure-boatRelying on how far the boat is going the shipment could be same day delivery or up to 3-7 days delivery. It is advisable to discuss this information before the shipment contract is signed. You will be in contact with your shipping provider throughout the shipment. He/she should give you the number. Once at the destination, the shipping provider will call and make arrangements to meet. Then you walk-through the boat, overlook everything, and when you are satisfied, sign off on the paperwork and provide the payment and the shipment is complete.

The measurements of your boat loaded on the trailer determine the cost of boat transportation. That's why, it is very important for you to provide accurate dimensions when hiring a shipping provider. As the measurements are very important, they need to be as accurate as possible. A shipment of your boat would be planned based on these measurements.

You should know the most important measurements. There are two of them: the overall height and also the beam. If the overall height is over 13 ft 6 inches then a licensed pilot car and other special permits are required to successfully transport the boat over the road. If the beam is over 8ft 6 inches then a wide load permit is needed. These permits are determined by each country that charges its own price.

Overall Length is measured from the tip of the bow to the center of the stern. This includes bow pulpits, swim platforms, motor brackets and the length of the motors or out drives in the raised position.

Overall Height is measured from the bottom of the keel to the highest non-removable part of the sailboats.

Beam is measured by the widest point of the boat including the rub-rail.