Import Regulations in Cyprus

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Import Regulations in Cyprus
Owners, who want to import their yachts or buy them locally, will be subject to a 20 % luxury tax plus 15% VAT on total cost + duty. This means that vessel owners who are in the country for more than 185 days and therefore considered Cypriot residents will have to pay 38 % of the boat cost to keep it in Cyprus.

Intending residents are people who are residents abroad and satisfy the Director of Customs that they intend to live in Cyprus permanently, are allowed to import pleasure and sports vessels duty-free (irrespective of the relief, yachts and other boats for pleasure or  sports are charged with 10% excise duty).

Registration of small boats and recreational vessels
The majority of recreational vessels in Cyprus must be registered either in the Register of Cyprus Ships or in the Register of Small Vessels. Recreational vessels from 13 to 24 metres in length must be registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships and may sail in Cypriot and international waters. Recreational vessels shorter than 13 metres in length must be registered in the Register of Small Vessels and may only sail in territorial waters of Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus).

A recreational vessels is defined as "any craft of any type intended for sports and comfort purposes of hull length between 2.5m and 24m, regardless of the means of propulsion". Jet skis are included in this general category, however canoes and kayaks, pedalos, sail and surfboards are not.

All small vessels in Cyprus have to be registered except vessels that are shorter than 13 metres and only used to sail the territorial waters of Cyprus and the Sovereign Base Areas; fishing, lightering or trading vessels without a fixed deck sailing the Cyprus coastal and the Sovereign Base Areas.

Small high speed vessels
Small high speed vessel is any boat up to 15 metres which can carry one and more people, seated or standing and which as an outboard or inboard motor that can go at speeds up to 15 knots. Such vessels can be divided into 2 categories for convenient registration: category A - small high-speed vessel for non-commercial use only by private individuals; category B - small high-speed vessel rented out for hire.

All high- speed small boats must be clearly marked on both sides of the stern with it's registration number. Category B vessels must include the letter "B" written after the registration number. The format of the registration number is regulated by law.

Small vessels engine regulations
European standard regulations are in place for small vessels and the engines with regards to patter and emissions.