Import Regulations in China

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Import Regulations in China
Xiamen’s Coast Guard office introduced new regulations on recreational vessel usage which limit (prohibit) use of sail and powered vessels. Credible sources report that the Coast Guard now requires official boat registration (certification), licensed pilots, and the owner has to notice the relevant authorities 48 hour prior to use of all recreational vessels.

These requirements apply to all recreational vessels from family dinghy boats to large motor yachts.
Registration of recreational vessels in China is a complex procedure, since regulatory agencies still haven’t established norms for vessel and yacht construction. Registration agencies do not recognize ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and CE certifications.

Imported and domestically manufactured boats must be approved by the China Classification Society, which maintains norms for commercial vessels, but none has yet been introduced for recreational vessels.

Xiamen, ( the city located on the Taiwan Strait) is considered to be the important place for the developing recreational yachting sector in China.