Import Regulations in Brazil

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Import Regulations in Brazil
Boats in Brazil are registered in compliance with their length. All registrations should be performed at the Harbour Master's Office (Capitania dos Portos, Delegacia e Agências).

Necessary documentation for registration of boats up to 5 metres in length: purchase receipt with the seller's signature legalised at a local Civil Registry office - Cartório; proof of identity and individual 's number of a taxpayer - Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF); Proof of residence - utilities bill; proof of tax payment - taxa de expediente, at a branch of Banco do Brasil (necessary form can be obtained at the Harbour Master's Office).

Boats over 5 metres long will also need to present the next documents: a form listing all technical details of the vessel - Boletim de Atualização de Dados da Embarcação (BADE); evidence of mandatory insurance - Seguro Obrigatório de Embarcações (DPEM).