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Boat Shipping Rates to Brazil

Overseas boat and yacht shipping is a challenging procedure. There are lots of things to consider when planning a boat shipment, among them the configuration of the boat, suitability of the carrier, transit time and cost. Whatever you choose a ro/ro vessel, freighter or semi- submersible, you should be sure that your choice will be the most appropriate for your personal boat.

While planning the international boat or yacht shipment, you should keep in mind that the cost of ocean transportation raises in direct proportion to the boat volume, shipping distance and method of transportation. The ocean boat shipping methods are the following: Roll on/Roll off (Ro/Ro), Lift on/Lift off (Lo/Lo), Float on/Float off Services, Container Shipping, FCL/LCL.

Here you may find the approximate rates for shipping your vessel from US to Brazil:   

  20’ Container 40’ Container Ro/Ro (1,172 cu ft)Ro/Ro (2,387 cu ft) 
 East Coast - Vitoria $5,371.00 $6,626.00  $2,570.00  $5,250.00
 West Coast - Vitoria $2,835.00 $4,555.00  $4,195.00  $8,545.00
 East Coast - Rio Grande $1,206.00 $1,656.00  $2,570.00 $5,250.00
 West Coast - Rio Grande $2,749.00 $3,655.00 $4,195.00 $8,545.00
 East Coast - Rio de Janeiro $1,206.00   $1,656.00  $2,570.00  $5,250.00
 West Coast - Rio de Janeiro $2,749.00 $3,655.00 $4,195.00  $8,545.00
 East Coast - Salvador $1,206.00 $1,656.00  $2,570.00 $5,250.00
 West Coast - Salvador $2,749.00 $3,655.00 $4,195.76 $8,545.46
 East Coast - Fortaleza $1,206.00 $1,451.00 $2,570.00 $5,250.00
 West Coast - Fortaleza $2,899.00 $3,905.00 $4,195.76  $8,545.46

Note: If you want to import a boat of larger size (than in table), contact us for the rates.

Please mention that the quote usually includes the fees for the following: documentation, handling, customs clearance, receiving/loading, fuel surcharge and ocean freight. However, the quote, as a rule, excludes all overseas destination port fees, unloading, delivery or clearance charges at the country of arrival. As for the destination charges – they are paid in local currency to the unloading port or the handling agents. The average destination charges are in the $150 - $450 range depending on the country, cargo and type of service.

Add the following charges to the rate above (according to your vessel size and services needed) to get the approximate final shipping rate:

Boat Shrink Wrapping Charges depends on boat size, e.g. $670.00 per 5000 cu ft
Boat Pickup Charges - starts at $500
Boat Cradle Charges varies (usually starts at $500)
Terminal Handling Charges - $125.00
Bill of Lading - $50.00
Export Customs Clearance - $175.00
Insurance Charges (1.5% or 0.75%)
Shipper's Export Declaration (over $2,500.00) $50.00